Indemnity for participation in Pretoria H/S Old Boys Hockey Club 2020

    I/my child (“the player”) wish to participate in the hockey organised by Pretoria Old Boys Hockey Club ("the sport").

    I hereby undertake to pay the annual fee before the end of June 2020 or if enrollment is after June 2020, the end of September 2020 (Bank details: PHSOB Hockey Club; FNB; Brooklyn (251345); Account 62739873372).

    Should the fee not be paid by that time, 7 days written notice per WhatsApp and/or email will be given to rectify such breach; if the party in mora fails to rectify the said breach (despite such notice) within a period of 7 days of receiving the notice, then the notifying party shall have the right to claim damages and all legal costs of the party in mora.);)

    I hereby certify that the player is medically fit to participate in the sport and subject to the rules and decisions of the Club, Northerns Blues Hockey Association and SAHA; (the foregoing parties being hereinafter collectively referred to as "the designated parties").

    I agree that, without prejudice to the rights at common law of the designated parties, its members, executives, coaches, managers and organisers , none of the designated parties shall in any way whatever be liable to the player, whether on a delictual basis, contractual basis or otherwise, for any loss, liability, damage or expense of any nature whatever which the player may suffer as a result of or which may be attributable to any act and/or omission of one or more of the designated parties and/or as a result of my injury at the sport (even if caused by or resulting from the negligence of any of the designated parties).