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PHSOB Hockey
FNB Brooklyn 011245
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•I hereby undertake to pay the annual fee before the end of August
(Should the fee not be paid by that time, you shall be given 7 days written notice per whatsapp and/or email to rectify such breach; if the party in mora fails to rectify the said breach (despite such notice) within a period of 7 days of receiving the notice, then the notifying party shall have the right to claim specific performance (payment) without further notice and in the event to claim damages and all legal costs of the party in mora.)
•I hereby certify that the player is medically fit to participate in the sport and subject to the rules and decisions of the Club, Northerns Blues Hockey Association and SAHA; (the foregoing parties being hereinafter collectively referred to as "the designated parties")
•I agree that, without prejudice to the rights at common law of the designated parties, its members, executives, coaches, managers and organisers , none of the designated parties shall in any way whatever be liable to the player, whether on a delictual basis, contractual basis or otherwise, for any loss, liability, damage or expense of any nature whatever which the player may suffer as a result of or which may be attributable to any act and/or omission of one or more of the designated parties and/or as a result of my injury at the sport (even if caused by or resulting from the negligence of any of the designated parties).